Welcome to Affective Art Paintings Survey

He Zhang, Eimontas Augilius, Hannes Gamper, Henok Alene, Timo Honkela

Aalto University, School of Science

What do you feel when you see an Abstract art painting? Do other people share the same feelings as you?

In this survey, you will be shown 100 Abstract art images, one per page. Under each image you are asked to indicate the ratings between two impression word pairs, namely Exciting-Boring and Relaxing-Irritating.

The whole survey will take you around 30 minutes and the results will help us study people's emotions evoked by art images. The results will be published as a scientific article and the link to the results will be added to this page.

Please fill in the following information before you start.

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When you are ready, please click 'start' to begin and 'next' to proceed to the next page. After you finish, a statistic page will show you the current ratings collected so far for each art painting that you have seen. Thank you for your time and effort!

Total number of answers: 3533